Please contact us by telephone or email to arrange a free no obligation wedding flower consultation with one of our team of qualified wedding florists in Oakham, Rutland. 

Before your consolation we would recommend the following:

  • We suggest that you buy your dresses first as they will influence the style and colour of your wedding flowers
  • It is useful to look at pictures to help you to think about the style and shape of your bouquet. or have a look at our instagram (link top left)
  • Consider the season of the wedding as this will affect the price and availability of flowers, can you visit the year before at the time of your wedding?
  • Consider your budget carefully and be very open with the florist as we can tailor your flowers accordingly

We will show you our portfolio, and talk though your ideas, colour schemes and the overall style that you are aiming for in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to throw open the challenge for us to invent a novel design tailored to your thoughts, theme and budget.

Before buying items for your wedding it is worth contacting us first. We have a large range of glassware, ceramics and candelabras to hire for your wedding day.


Each wedding is bespoke, but for an idea of some of our pricing we have some packages below, these can be tailored to suit your wedding.